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Competitive Advantage
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Competitive Advantage

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Zhejiang Angong Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in development and manufacture of automotive modified exhaust system products. The company uses North America auto brands such as Ford wild horse-F150, F250, Chevrolet GMC, rhubarb Dodge, Cadillac, BMW and many more as modification targets, with R & D and production of 120000 sets of annual production capacity, has been a leading position in the industry.

The company can supply more than 1500 kinds of exhaust pipe, muffler and other products, as well as SS304, SS201, SS409, aluminized pipe, and the products made of carbon steel and other materials. Besides, optional surface treatments include polishing, wire drawing, high temperature painting (up to 900F). Ceramic coated products will normally endure up to 15 years without rusting.



  No. 418 Guangzhu Road, Dipu Street, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
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